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For a quick introduction on how to get tables out of FBS data builder please see the Quick Guide.   User Guide 1. Data Availability and FBS data builder approach.         Sample: Assembly, Size, Errors         Coverage               Classification of Farms: Standard Output (SO) & Farm Sizes               Sample: Assembly, Size, Errors         Representation and Coverage               Sample: Assembly, Size, Errors               Reason for Size Threshold               Classification of Farms: Standard Output (SO) & Farm Sizes         Cost Centres in FBS Farm Accounts               Methodology for the Allocation and Apportionment of Costs   User Guide 2. FBS data builder examples         Request Data Menu         Average farm income               Geographical distribution of farms         How tenure varies for different sizes of farm         Relation between type of farm and farmers age         Relation between farm type and farm size   User Guide 3. How to specify a table         Row and Column Variables         Cell Variables         Statistics         Disclosure prevention rules               Confidentiality policy               ONS Code of practice               Reliability Rules                     FADN                     Report of the task force on disclosure         Table Format               Representation and Coverage               Row and Column Variables               Cell Variables               Numeric and qualitative variables                     Size Groups         Technical list of variables

The Farm Business Survey is conducted on behalf of, and financed by, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and the data collected in it are Crown Copyright

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