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FBS data builder is a specialist interactive system for professionals and researchers. It allows direct interrogation of Farm Business Survey (FBS) data to construct user defined tables.

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FBS data builder. v74[3.1.a]: Table 16255      
England:  2017/18          
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Farm Type     Cell Variable Statistic    
ALL FARM TYPES    Labour productivity - agriculture (£output/AWU) Average per farm 119,213  
       Cropping             116,166  
            Cereals           163,568  
            General cropping           130,255  
            Horticulture           55,152  
                 Specialist fruit           V  
                 Specialist glass           57,297  
                 Specialist hardy nursery stock           71,372  
                 Other horticulture           50,676  
       Grazing Livestock           102,276  
            Dairy           139,612  
            Grazing livestock (lowland)           66,548  
            Grazing livestock (LFA)           56,475  
                 Grazing livestock (DA)           56,996  
                 Specialist sheep (SDA)           50,234  
                 Other grazing livestock (SDA)           61,328  
       Other types & mixed           160,292  
            Pigs           185,275  
            Poultry           252,415  
            Mixed           112,204  
V Too much variation in observations to give reliable estimate.  Try using confidence intervals instead