Data Builder

Data builder

FBS data builder is a specialist interactive system for professionals and researchers. It allows direct interrogation of Farm Business Survey (FBS) data to construct user defined tables.

Request Data

The statistics in FBS data builder are periodically updated in accordance with the latest revisions to the FBS calculated variables (currently version 71). The figures from some variables may thus be subject to revised calculations from time to time.

If you are a new user, you are strongly urged to go first to the User Guide which allows you to browse through some pre-specified tables first to learn how the system works. Alternatively, go straight to Request data, or see one of the Top Queries below.

Retrieve request

To retrieve an earlier request enter the reference number below and click the 'Retrieve' button. Go to step 3 below to execute the request again.

New request

Follow these steps to create your own results, then hit “Execute Request”


Your table will take the following layout

Dimension 2 as columns:

    Dimension 1 as rows:


        After clicking 'Execute Request', the screen will update. This usually takes a few seconds, but at busy times, it could take up to 1 minute.

        [Calculated variables version 71. Technical variables list 3.1.a. (350 kB pdf file)]